Monday, January 27, 2014

New In :: Claret Sweater and Asymmetric Dress

The team over at Rose Wholesale kindly sent me some pieces to try out and I thought I would review them for you. Wholesale companies are becoming quite popular for their trendy clothes and accessories and extremely low prices. I chose two pieces, a Claret colored sweater with faux fur lining and a simple black dress with a high side slit.

The shipping for the two items was very fast and overall the customer service was very helpful and easy to contact. My package probably took around a week....maybe a week and half to arrive, which I think is quite fast since it's shipping from overseas. All of my questions about the items were quickly and thoroughly answered as well! A+ there!

Onto the clothing items!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


 I've been on a sort of hiatus for a while now, seeing as I haven't posted since....October! It seems like it's been ages, and at times I felt as though I forgot how to be a blogger. However, I really missed it all and am looking forward to starting fresh again with this post! So here it is, my first post of 2014!

If you follow my Instagram, you'd know that I actually received this dress a while ago thanks to the lovely team over at Others Follow. Based in Orange County, the brand fully embodies a laid back, SoCal vibe through their clothing that's perfect for those who enjoy simple, versatile pieces. Let me know what you think of the dress in the comments! :)

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Black & White

These pictures were taken sometime in August (a while ago, I know!!!) and I never really got around to posting them. I'm wearing the Wallis leather trimmed blazer that I wore a couple posts ago for the Wallis fashion blogger contest. This is how I transitioned the blazer into fall; adding some knee-high boots and leather shorts and keeping the color scheme black and white for a classic look. 

I don't really wear much jewelry at all on a normal basis or even on the blog. However, I do really love statement pieces like this necklace! I'd take one big, sparkly statement piece over small little pieces any day!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Eye Candy

I was sent this pair of contacts by Eyecandys, an online shop that sells a variety of Asian cosmetics, skincare, circle lenses, and of course, those cute Instax cameras that have been popping up everywhere! I chose a blue pair from Royal Vision that are called "Macaron 3-Tone Puffy Blue" lenses. As you can see from the close-up picture, the lenses are made of a blend of 3 colors that make them look more natural against darker eye colors. These contacts are super vibrant and are really really noticeable color-changing wise. They have a 14.5mm diameter, which is even larger than the last pair of circle lenses I reviewed! I really love the effect that they give my eyes and really love the color as well!

Shipping from Eyecandys was super fast and their customer service is extremely nice and easy to work with. Check them out at!

Also, be sure to use the code "BIJOUMINOU" for a free gift with purchase (no minimum)! Happy shopping! :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Baby Blue

I'm loving this minty pastel blazer from Choies! I'm clearly not over pastels, even though it's now Fall....but pastels can be a year round thing right? :) I layered the blazer over a printed blouse,leather shorts, and studded heels for this look, trying to play with darker tones and more "fall-like" textures. Toughening up the soft pastel color is an easy way to make an otherwise Spring/Summer stable work for Fall!

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